Shrub Maintenance and Removal

Well-maintained shrubs keep the exterior of your home or business looking elegant and inviting. Boost your property’s curb appeal with shrub care from Aman Arbor and Yard! Our fully licensed and insured crew will make your shrubs the highlight of your lawn.

Home and business owners alike know that there’s nothing more important than making a good first impression. The outside of your property is your calling card to houseguests, neighbors, and potential customers. Keeping your shrubs looking their best requires a lot of time and effort, to say nothing of specialized equipment that can have a hefty price tag. Choosing Aman Arbor and Yard to care for your shrubs is a low stress, budget-friendly way to improve the look of your yard.

It’s time to get your shrubs in tip-top shape!

While curb appeal is important, there’s a lot more at stake when it comes to maintaining your shrubs. You might not know it, but proper shrub care – including regular pruning – impacts its entire life. Pruning not only changes the form of the plant but will determine the way that it grows. If you begin regular maintenance during the shrub’s formative years, it will stay healthier for longer and may even prevent future disease or insect damage. The crew at Aman Arbor and Yard has the knowledge and experience necessary to care for your shrubs’ specific needs.

Our process is simple and efficient. We’ll begin with a thorough evaluation to determine which type of shrubs are being pruned. This enables us to develop the best care solution for your shrubs. If we discover that your shrub is in poor condition, we may need to remove it. We’ll be sure to discuss that with you ahead of time. After our assessment, we’ll determine the style of pruning that your shrub needs based on its species, then we will use hand shears or a motorized hedge trimmer to get the job done. We recommend having this work completed during the late or dormant season, but we’re happy to take care of it any time.

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